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SOL #6: Adult Mutant Ninja Strangers

So when I was younger I was looking through the five dollar bin in Walmart. It was filled with tons of movies. I was looking through and I picked up the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I grabbed it and of course me being younger asked my parents if they could get it for me. They said no and I went back. A man at the bin looked at me and said "Oh the TMNT movie! I've been looking for that movie!", I told him "Well I can't get it so here you go.", I handed him the DVD and I was starting to walk away. Then he suddenly said "You seem like a good kid, you were very polite about the movie. Tell you what, I'll get the movie for you. Just let your parents know.", I told him "Okay thank you.", So I left to tell my parents. I was trying to tell them to wait for the man but they didn't pay attention at the time. So there we go walking out of the Walmart. I feel bad because we just left without the man knowing. Then I see him r…

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