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The Little Mouse 🐁 🐭

This is my Butterfly project. The Butterfly project is about you making a butterfly based on the poem that you chose or received.  The poems were written by kids who were at the Terezin, one of many concentration camps. What you can visualize or think of the poem, you can put down on the butterfly. This is the poem I received and the butterfly that I made.

The Little Mouse
By M. Kosek, H. Lowy, Bachner

A mousie sat upon a shelf, Catching fleas in his coat of fur. But he couldn’t catch her – what chargrin! –  She’d hidden ‘way inside his skin. He turned and wriggled, knew no rest, That flea was such a nasty pest!
His daddy came And searched his coat. He caught the flea and off he ran To cook her in the frying pan. The little mouse cried, “Come and see!
For lunch we’ve got a nice, fat flea!”

I think that this poem is about the Nazis, mice, trying to look for every Jew, fleas, and they just won’t stop until they find everyone of them possible. What I have learned from this project was …

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