SOL #6: Adult Mutant Ninja Strangers

   So when I was younger I was looking through the five dollar bin in Walmart. It was filled with tons of movies. I was looking through and I picked up the live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I grabbed it and of course me being younger asked my parents if they could get it for me. They said no and I went back.
   A man at the bin looked at me and said "Oh the TMNT movie! I've been looking for that movie!", I told him
  "Well I can't get it so here you go.", I handed him the DVD and I was starting to walk away.
   Then he suddenly said "You seem like a good kid, you were very polite about the movie. Tell you what, I'll get the movie for you. Just let your parents know.",
   I told him "Okay, thank you."
   So I left to tell my parents. I was trying to tell them to wait for the man but they didn't pay attention at the time. So there we go walking out of the Walmart. I feel bad because we just left without the man knowing. Then I see him running towards us. We stops and brings out the movie from his bag.
   “Here you go!", he hands me the movie.
   I told him thank you again and he walked back into the store.
   My dad went "That came out of nowhere. That was nice though.", I was so happy to have the copy of the movie. Then my dad said, jokingly, "I wish someone could buy me free movies.", and we continued with our day.


  1. Well that's the best story ever! Have you ever paid that forward to some other unsuspecting kid? :-)

  2. Did you get any other movies ?

  3. Me and my 2 cousins dance to the old song of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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