“What a story, Mark!”

The best book I read in quarter three was The Disaster Artist. The book was written by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell. Greg Sestero played one of the main characters in The Room, which is one of the main focuses of this book. This book is a memoir, meaning that Greg tells about his personal experiences with what happens in the books. This book is about Greg Sestero and his life journey that led him to be a part of The Room. He tells about his experiences, how he met, and his friendship with Tommy Wiseau, the director, producer, writer, and star of The Room. Greg also goes into how The Room was made and the whole struggle to do it. What makes this book interesting is you get to know how The Room was made. In case you didn’t know The Room is known as one of the best worst films ever to be made. So to know the whole disaster behind it is really cool. If you’ve seen the movie you’d think that’s the only interesting parts of the making of The Room but you’d be wrong. In fact a lot of interesting and weird parts get left in the book. You also get to see how Tommy Wiseau behaves as a director, which is one of the most interesting and most tense parts of the book.
Tommy Wiseau


  1. What a great blog, Israel! I'm glad you stated what "The Room" was, because I had no idea. Did you read this and it's on our status calendar, or did you just read this outside of class in addition to your other books?
    Awesome blog :-)

    1. I’ve read the book twice and rewatched the movie a few times.

  2. The movie looks good I know that the person who wrote the book had worked on set with the man the directed the movie great blog.


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