SOL #4: Universally Bored Workers

   So one day my mom decided to take me and my brother along to a trip to Florida. The whole experience wasn’t any good at all except for when we went to Universal. More specifically The Simpsons area. So there was a ride for The Simpsons and I automatically say to myself, “I’ve gotta go on that ride.”, So I ask my mom if I can go on and she says sure and I go in line. The estimated wait time was an hour and thirty minutes but that didn’t stop me. So while I was in line I was watching Simpsons clips they had on T.V.s around the area. I laughed along with a few others at the jokes and moments that happened on the screen. Then this worker comes in front of me and asks me who were the characters on the T.V. So I said “Homer, Bart, Marge, Itchy and Scratchy”, He seemed somewhat amused and told me to follow him. I did and he let me cut a huge chunk of the line. I didn’t even realize this until I saw were I was. “Oh my god this guy is a hero!”, I thought to myself. I probably would’ve told him something if he didn’t leave so quickly. Just two more groups till I get inside of the building. So I wait a little longer and sure enough I walk into the building where they played another Simpsons clip on two T.Vs. This time it was exclusive to the ride and talked about what it was going to be like with also cracking a few jokes in the mix. So they call my group into a room and it was all Krusty the Clown themed. It was pretty cool. Then a worker comes into the room and brings us to another room. There we see a cart in the shape of Krusty the Clowns head and they tell us to get in. They close the side doors and bring down the safety bar and we starting going up. Then it stops. On the gigantic screen on top they play a Simpsons cartoon. The ride moved with it and we actually felt like we were there with them. It was really cool because there are a lot of references and characters from the show if you pay attention to a lot of the details. At the very end we get out and go down this huge set of stairs. Than I reunite with my mom and brother and we continue going around Universal.


  1. Dude I love the Simpson’s

  2. I only been to Florida once in my life and that is when I was like 7 or 8. But it was boring for me because I didn’t have much freedom.


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